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upcit // CODE sku25

ZX Spectrum - for Raspberry pi400 32gb distro just plug and play just add a usb joystick and use it as kempston compatible.Thousands of games in tap, sna. ,dsk format based on Raspbian for pi full instructions provided

Full collection of all the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Games 48k,128k  ever on this 32gb card.

Have your Ultimate zx spectrum (Next Generation Experience) under EMULATION! for Raspberry pi400

====No Raspberry pi included only the sdcard which is a high quality Make.====

Disclaimer Please note - This is all Free Public Domain open sourced projects for persons who do not want to or cant download the project themselves- this is a service only! you buy the sd card and the work and effort is already done for you!.

This is all open-sourced software Distros no copyrighted material or licences used.

Please note material used is over 39 years old is Vintage Retro.








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