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The A500 Mini - All whdload games 32GB SDCARD edition

All 0 - A to Z whdload games Ever over 3000 thousand games for your Amiga on this gaming Distro 

(note no consoles included within sale- only for reference purposes in pictures)

Instructions supplied -All WHDLOAD GAMES on one 32gb micro sdcard have your completed gaming experience with with distro for your A500 mini.

Features :

  • You will instantly have a A500 with the most complete collection of all games that ever existed on the mighty Amiga  So many memories, so much fun!
  • All games are compatible with A500 Mini console. You can also change all games button configuration with our mapping tool !
  • Thousands of  GAMES: Total from all regions, This sd card  adds hundreds of beloved Amiga games to your collection by simply inserting the dongle into the USB controller port (or on the back for the mini model) 

This SDCARD Version has  All WHDLOAD games for the A500 mini from Retrogames.


Just plug and play

Add move games to your gaming experience!!!!!!!!.

Please note microsd to usb Adaptor Required


This has no computers or joypads are not part of the sale SDCARD only. 

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