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About Us

Coffin os and Amiga vampire Coffin,Apollo os and releases are copyright of the developers under the GPL Licence agreements, who put together this os distro package for Public Domain Use,and  for the apollo vampire boards brand and their community who follow and have purchased the Vampire family of Boards A500v2/A600v2/v1200 and V4 latest edition.

This is a service offered for anyone who cant install a full Amiga OS Distribution by themselves and who dont no how to properly install on their PC or Mac systems and rather buy the full package that already  works out of the Box!!! for the Vampire Family!!!.

You can use this as an  alternative Distro to the original CBM workbench os, in which is very carefully put together and developed, to utilize the power of the Amiga A500/600 Vampire Boards. 

Please purchase your Full Amiga Licences before using this Coffin OS as an another Solution for the Amiga game players and internet Surfers that still want their Amiga to be still an Amiga but have the speed of the  latest modern hardware.


Please Enjoy




Agood Review Recently added from the RetroManCave on Youtube Nov 2019 -thankyou to this input for the Coffin OS support please click link below:-

Another Recent Video on youtube how good the Coffin Os is setting up another sdcard for your vampire card Please click link below:-




Look -! Good demo of coffin Os being used for the V4 boards due out shortly from the Apollo Team: click below

Too Setup the Coffin os please see youtube video Link Below


Also A new VAMPIRE V4 Standalone youtube Video has been made inwhich is compatible with the Coffin R.55 Release click below:-

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